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Time to Book Alaska for 2013

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This is the time to book your Alaska fishing trip or adventure for 2013! The best lodges and adventures are filling up fast.

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DeYoung - Alaska Fish Art

A Special Gift for Your Beloved Fishy Friend

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Derek DeYoung portrays a few of Alaska's most iconic fish in a piece he titles "Fab Four - Alaskan September". DeYoung writes, "This painting captures the four fish we caught, both on purpose and accidentally... in the Kenai River, AK. last September. It was some of the most amazing fishing I've ever had, and although I held my own, my Dad managed to outfish me almost everyday.. I guess that is as it should be." You can find more of DeYoung's art at

Fly Out Production Photos

From the Fly Out Film Project

The Fly Out team just wrapped up an amazing month in Alaska filming for the Fly Out Film Project. We had a ton of fun with some of our recommended lodges and adventures. A big thank you to Mission Lodge, Tikchik Narrows Lodge, Wild River Guides, Talkeetna Air Taxi, Keen Eye Anglers, Regal Air, and Tordrillo Mountain Lodge for showing us an Alaska adventure of a lifetime. See our production photo album below and stay tuned to the release of our film and web series available on 
View the embedded image gallery online at:
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Alaska Fly Selection: Aug. (Part 3 of 3)

From Fly Out Ambassador Mark Rutherford

Rainbow-mouse-1August Fly Patterns for Bristol Bay, Alaska

August days hold the potential to catch the largest wild rainbow trout of your life on a mouse pattern in the morning, Char on the flats at mid day, followed by absolute mayhem with Coho in the afternoon. August is defined by the absurdly aggressive Coho / Silver Salmon sharing the river with Leopard Spotted Rainbows and shoals of Dolly Varden Char in their full pre spawn coloration. There can be a brief window in early August where all 5 Salmon are present yielding the Pacific salmon "Grand Slam" for those who keep track of that sort of thing. When the factors of run timing and fair weather align themselves well, then the fishing experience in the Bristol Bay in August is properly regarded as among the greatest experiences of a fly fishers life.

Here is a multi species list of flies for 1 person for 1 week, with an emphasis on resident Rainbow Trout, pre-spawn Dolly Varden Char, Arctic Grayling, a strong focus on Coho / Silver Salmon, plus incidental Salmon, Arctic Char, and Lake Trout. The list was developed for the longer and wilder and more remote rivers of the western Bristol Bay but seems equally well suited to the Katmai / Naknek region and the Alaska Peninsula. I enjoy feedback and I'm curious what works for you.

Skip the Bullshit. Just the fly pattern List: 

  • Sculpzilla,
  • Big Gulp Sculp
  • Woolhead,
  • Dali Lama,
  • Exasperator,
  • Loop
  • Starlight leech.
  • Haymaker Leech
  • Conehead Eggabou
  • Signature Intruder,
  • Moal Rhoid,
  • Dali Lama,
  • S&B Super string leech
  • Mice, read the "Mice" section below
  • Trout beads read the "Trout beads. The Salmon spawn begins" section below
  • Flesh
  • Moal Rhoid size #6.
  • Super String Leech in white or flesh size #4.
  • Dolly Llama, white, white/pink size #6.
  • Articulated Lady Flesh in various colors size #4,
  • Twofer, Fleshy Pink, Peachy Orange #6
  • Battle Creek Special/ Battle Bunny various hues size #6.
  • Articulated Hareball Leech size 1/0, purple, black, pink,
  • S&B String Leech pink, fuchsia.
  • Moal, Thunder, Rattlesnake Moal etc size 4 and #2 chartreuse/ white, pink, purple.
  • Kilowatt, size 1/0 black / blue, pink.
  • Clousers, Chartreuse/white in estuary, tutti-frutti, pink, an estuary pattern but pink/white works up river.
  • Egg Sucking Leeches, pink, purple, fuchsia. Extremely simple to tie. All purpose pattern.
  • Jig Spanker
  • S&B String Leech fuchsia
  • Karluk Shrimp,
  • Tequila Sunrise
  • Jig Spanker, 1/0 chartreuse, pink, and purple
  • Dally Lama size 2 or 6. Various colors.
  • Prowler, Critter, Conehead Popsicle, Sleech, Haymaker
  • Popperwog. A hard bodied surface popper size #2. Fish poppers as a waking fly or "chug" it. This is fun!
  • Kiss of Death Techno-Wog size #4
  • Techno-Wog size # 1/0
  • Hammer head Wog size 1/0
  • Spun Deer Hair Pollywog size 2
  • Puget Sound Slider
Which fly patterns and how many of each to bring? Looking over field notes from 2011 when I had collaborated with the Bob Roark group to make a fly list for fishing the first week of August. Bob's group had never fly fished Alaska so they would be building an Alaska fly selection from scratch. After they had discussions about what species to target and where to go with Alaskan anglers, local Colorado fly shops, and an Alaskan shop they settled on 12 patterns which in various sizes, colors and weights amounted to 60 flies per person, not including trout beads. They chose approximately 50/50 ratio of Trout, Char, and Grayling flies with Salmon patterns. At retail shop pricing of $3.50 per fly that would be an outlay of $210 per person. For comparison I opened my large (full jacket pocket size) box of Trout & Char Leeches, Sculpin, and Mice and counted 50 flies. I'm comfortable setting out for a week with my 50. Thirty Trout & Char flies is minimalist but "Aha" you have buddies with you so it might even out, plus quite a few of the salmon patterns are great attractors for trout and char.

As anglers we are participating in an explosion in fly pattern creativity as fly tiers experiment with different materials and fly profiles. Simply stocking the fly box with mice for Rainbow and the surface flies for Coho can be a challenge. Plus a separate "Bead Kit" is vital in August to match the hatch of spawning Kings, Chums, Sockeye, and Pink Salmon. Other fly box(s) will be devoted to Leeches both for Coho and Rainbow. With so many options it's unreasonable and unnecessary to try to carry all the patterns available. Pick two to four patterns in each "family" of flies with varying amount of weight and differing profiles and articulation. Then fish them carefully and deep. Leaders for an August mixed species day should be in the 10# class.

You Donate. They Double It.

Double Up and Save Bristol Bay

Alaska Sportsmans Challenge

The rivers of Bristol Bay are legendary. 

Unfortunately, Bristol Bay's water and fish are currently threatened by development of the proposed Pebble Mine. That's why you've seen an unprecedented group of allies come together to oppose Pebble and ask for special protections for Bristol Bay's fish, wildlife and existing jobs.

We need the fishing and hunting community to speak up for Bristol Bay! More than 500 hunting and fishing businesses and group, tribes, jewelers, 200 chefs and restaurants, and 75 plus commercial fishing organizations have banded together in opposition to Pebble and are actively working to put protections in place for Bristol Bay. This is your chance to help ensure that Bristol Bay's incredible fishing opportunities are around for future generations of sportsmen and women to experience and enjoy.

Click the image above to learn more about donating. 

Alaskan Brewing Co. - Pilot Series

Limited Edition for a Premium Adventure

Alaska Brewing Pilot Series
Alaskan Brewing Co. has a group of limited edition specialty beers that they have dubbed "The Pilot Series" - showcasing the limitless creativity of the Alaskan Brew Team. Just like the recommended lodges and adventures of, with the Pilot Series, the journey is part of the adventure. This special beer collection consists of a rotating series of big, bold and distinctive brews in AK-sized 22 oz bottles. Included in the Pilot Series are the following:
  • Alaskan Birch Bock
  • Perseverance Ale
  • Alaskan Imperial IPA
  • Alaskan Double Black IPA
  • Alaskan Rasberry Wheat Ale
  • Alaskan Barley Wine Ale
  • Alaskan Baltic Porter
birchbock22oz2012 perseverancebottlesmall  imperialbottledoubleipabottle sm raspberrywheatbottle   barleywinebottle   balticporterbottle

These are seasonal limited release beers that can be hard to find. Pay attention to their release date on the Alaskan Brewing Co. website and look for them in the western states soon after. A cold 22 oz Imperial IPA is perfect end to a day on the river. Check out the Alaskan Brewing Co. video on the Pilot Series. 
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