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Surfing Alaska


From the Filmmakers: 

Imagine cruising into a breathtaking fiord, snow capped mountains and hanging glaciers on three sides, you've never been here before, and from the looks of things, nobody else has either. The sea lions hauled out on the rocks look at you with bewilderment, obviously surprised to see a human. From the charts it looked like there might be potential for a wave on the East side of the fiord and based on the swell and offshore breeze you are excited to prove your suspicion right.

This kind of experience is status quo for our boat based surf missions. We explore Alaska's endless miles of wild coastline seldom even seeing other boats. Sometimes we discover incredible waves, and sometimes we just have to settle with unbelievable scenery, incredible wildlife, and great food.

After several years in the making we are excited to be able to share this once in a life time experience with you. Boat based surf explorations in the last frontier with Ocean Swell Ventures.

The M/V Milo is a proven North Pacific Veteran and is crewed by over 50 years of Alaskan Maritime experience. Owner Mike McCune and Captain Scott Dickerson also have more than 60 years of surf experience (and one happens to be a talented professional photographer). These unique qualifications make Ocean Swell Ventures the perfect choice for making your experience rewarding and successful. We are living our dream and can't wait for you to join us.

A few things you can expect from a surf trip with Ocean Swell Ventures:

Pioneering new surf locations
Mind blowing scenery -- calving glaciers, jagged mountains, untouched wilderness
An authentic Alaskan experience
Great food -- plenty of fresh fish
True adventure

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Alaska Bear Viewing

From Alaska Wilderness Safari

Check out this bear viewing reel from Fly Out recommended Alaska Wilderness Safari. Seeing bears is part of the Alaska experience, and you'll be hard pressed to find a better place to see these wonderful creatures in their natural habitat.

Ask us about Alaska Wilderness Safari - [email protected]

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forget me knot

By Camille Egdorf

This is a great Alaska guide lifestyle film, with incredible fishing and AK imagery. From the Upper Nushagak in Alaska's Bristol Bay, Camille Egdorf narrates through a season in the bush.  

From Camille: 

The summer of 2012, I dedicated over 100 hours to filming and documenting the experiences that not only I had but also of those who spent time at my family's camp in Bristol Bay, Alaska; employee and client alike. It depicts and shares, from start to finish, the life that I've known from the first few months of my existence. The Alaska state flower is the Forget Me Not, which is the inspiration for the naming of this film. I didn't do this for any type of compensation, just simply to share and retell the story of an Alaskan summer. 

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Pause 4 - Featuring Talkeetna Air Taxi

The Essence of Fly Out

This video series - Pause. The motto for these videos is: 

Take 5. Breathe. Decompress.
Watch for 60 seconds. It is worth it.

Pause 4  is the essence of what our brand "Fly Out" represents - Flying into the unknown for adventure and freedom uncomprehensible in this fast paced world. We recognized the plane is this short film, so we had to post. Check out Talkeetna Air Taxi and their Fly Out adventures. 

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Transition - From Stinky Waders

Alaska Fly Fishing Video

From Stinky Waders

What defines us? We ask ourselves this everyday. As fly fisherman, we know what defines us, our passion for the sport. It's a selfish sport, and with occupations that all too often interfere with our obsession, it's a way for us to escape the real world. Transitions is a story of exactly this. We were all at different stages in our lives, and with changes in location and occupation, we set all obstacles aside to try and prolong the inevitable and just fish. We had no idea that mother nature's attempts to derail our itinerary would become so extreme. Through sheer persistence and an obsession with fly fishing that could, in some cases, be considered an illness, we became the choosers of our own destiny. 2012 would be the best summer of Alaskan fishing we had ever experienced, and now we've chosen to share it with you. Enjoy!

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By Ryan Peterson

From the Film Maker: 

The Clean Water Act grants the EPA authority to protect these salmon and the 14,000 jobs that depend on them, by disallowing the Pebble Mine to go forward. You can help give voice to Bristol Bay, Alaska by submitting a comment in SUPPORT of the US EPA's Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment. Give them and President Obama the courage they need to stand up for Bristol Bay. You will be heard. Public comments open through May 31, 2013. Go here:

The odds are very high that the last time you ate sockeye salmon, it came from the pristine waters of Bristol Bay. Fully half of all the sockeye at market in the world today come from here, where the runs of fish are as strong as they have been since The Beginning. Approximately 80% of Bristol Bay residents, as well as national commercial and sport fishing industries, oppose development of the proposed Pebble Mine because of catastrophic risks it poses to their rich salmon-based economy, culture, and spirit.



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