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Alaska Airlines Will Launch King Salmon Design

Via The Spokesman-Review

akairsalmonFISHING IN YOUR DREAMS — Alaska Airlines and the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute on Monday unveiled the world's largest king salmon. Stretching nearly 129 feet, the fish-themed design will adorn a Boeing 737-800 this fall.

The new "Salmon-Thirty-Salmon II" design is derived from an earlier version of the paint scheme Alaska Airlines unveiled on a 737-400 in 2005, which was re-painted with the carrier's traditional Eskimo livery last year.

The new design is about nine feet longer than the original 'salmon plane' and also features fish scales on the winglets and a salmon-pink colored "Alaska" script across the fuselage.

"This airplane celebrates Alaska Airlines' unique relationship with the people and communities of Alaska and underscores our air transport commitment to the state's seafood industry," said Marilyn Romano, Alaska Airlines' regional vice president of the state of Alaska.

Last year, Alaska Airlines flew nearly 25 million pounds of seafood from Alaska to markets in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

And it flew a lot of fishermen back and forth, too.

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Alaska Bush Flying

Featuring Aircraft Photo & Video

DeHavillandBeaverOne of the unique elements of adventuring in Alaska is the flying. Without the luxury of road systems, Alaska has developed into an epicenter for bush planes and bush pilots. Air travel is essential to the 49th state, and it is a key componenet to the operations of many of our recommended lodges and adventures. These aircraft allow us access to some of the most remote and beautiful places on planet Earth. The bird's eye view that one gets over the vast tundra, glaciers, lake systems, and jagged peaks can be jaw dropping. See our gallery of featured aircraft that include De Havilland Beavers & Otters, Cessnas, Helios Couriers, AStar 350 Helicopter, and a Goose! Also, check out the POV videos of bush flights by Crystal Creek Lodge (Valley of 10,000 Smokes) and Tikchik Narrows Lodge (Wood-Tikchik State Park).

View the embedded image gallery online at:

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TU's Photo Contest

Submit Your Photos from Alaska

Last chance to enter Trout Unlimited's photo contest. Submit a best fish, scenic, or angler photo and win some great prizes below.  Grand Prize A brand-new Winston BIIIX, a pair of polarized Costa shades and a loaded fly box from Montana Fly Company. 2nd Prize Three first-place category winne012 @ 11:59 pm (EDT) Enter Here
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Our Common Waters

Patagonia's Environmental Campaign

Alaska does not exactly have a deficiency of water like those states that pull from the Colorado River. However, the problems in the Southwest U.S. serve as good "lessons learned" going forward for AK. It is extremely important to balance our economic desires with our inherent need for wild places and genuine nature experiences. The spirit of the Last Frontier does not include a scarred landscape, weakening salmon runs, polluted waters, and widespread development. 

Fly Out often features the conservation work of Patagonia on our blog because we believe in their voice of environmental responsibility. No company of that size is perfect, but Patagonia is the first to admit it. Check out the Our Common Waters campaign. And, learn about our commitment to Alaska's environment on our conservation page
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Free Orvis Helios With Alaska Booking

Fly Rod Give Away for Alaska Anglers

Here is a chance to take advantage of some sweet deals and last-minute availability from Alaska's Best Lodges and Adventures. To sweeten the deal, will throw in a 6-WT Orvis Helios Fly Rod to anyone who books 2 persons or more. In addition, we'll donate 5% of your total trip price to Trout Unlimited's Save Bristol Bay campaign. See two featured discount and last-minute lodge openings below.
webenchantedlakelodgeEnchanted Lake Lodge - Cancellation Rates - July 8 - 15 or Sept. 16 - 23


webwildsafari2Alaska Wilderness Safari - $4,700/Person - Aug. 4 - 11 or Sept. 8 - 15

See more offers on our Specials Page. To learn more about the Orvis Helios offer, please email the Fly Out Team at . Restrictions may apply. 
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Sportsmen Voice Against Pebble Mine

Sportsmen Summit in Washington, DC


Next week, April 16 – 18, 40 sportsmen representing 17 states are traveling to the nation’s capital to let their elected officials and the President know that protecting Bristol Bay, Alaska is a top priority for sportsmen. Learn more about next week’s Sportsmen Summit here from Scott Hed, the director of the Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska.

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Catch Magazine - April 2012

Issue 22: Subscribe for $12/Year

Catch Magazine once again delivers another issue of inspiring fly fishing images. Not only does the online journal capture amazing fish shots, but it peers deeply into the culture of fly fishing and adventure travel. This is the first issue that requires a subscription fee, but I will testify that it is well worth the $2. The T-Motion Theater video "Wade Andros" by Todd Moen was especially excellent. Subscribe and see the whole magazine at the following link: Catch Magazine.
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Alaska Fly Selection: July (Part 2 of 3)

By Fly Out Ambassador Mark Rutherford


July Fly Patterns for Bristol Bay, Alaska

It is so much more complex to stock your Alaska fly box for July than for June or August! A great deal more total feed is available to resident fish in July than in June including fry of salmon, trout, char, and Grayling. There are Caddis, stone, & mayfly nymphs, plus salmon spawn and a bit of flesh late in July. While I have not seen stickleback in July, occasionally small Lamprey are present and Sculpin are pounced upon with enthusiasm. In July forage diversity is at the seasonal apex.

In mid July, adult sea run Dolly Varden Char begin to return to the rivers. In the last week of July a weather transition can begin bringing autumn storms. Finally you need Coho / Silver fly patterns in late July. All 5 Salmon can be present after Coho arrive yielding the Pacific salmon "Grand Slam".

stickleback-1-lgFlies for 1 person for 1 week.

Here is a multi species list, with an emphasis on resident Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden, Arctic Grayling, King and Sockeye Salmon plus patterns for Chum and Pink Salmon, early Coho / Silvers, Arctic Char, Lake Trout, and Northern Pike.

As anglers we are participating in an explosion in fly pattern creativity as fly tiers experiment with different materials and profiles. Simply stocking the July fly box with Leeches is a challenge. But with such a huge variety to choose from it's unreasonable and unnecessary to try to carry them all. Pick two or three leech patterns with varying amount of weight and differing profiles and articulation. Then fish them carefully and deep. The same is true for Sculpin patterns.

Trout, Char, and Grayling.

The Bristol Bay is the finest completely intact, functional, wild salmonids fishery in the world. The flies listed are proven for the Bristol Bay region but of course they are not the only patterns that work. When possible, tie or buy your patterns articulated or with stinger hooks for a significantly higher ratio of total fish landed (with less damage to fish mouthparts than traditional streamer hooks.) In the Bristol Bay region, please release all Rainbow Trout regardless of whether the Alaska Department of Fish and Game allows retention. It takes 7-10 years in cold Alaskan waters for a trophy trout to grow beyond 22 inches. Fresh Sockeye, Lake Trout, Dolly Varden, Arctic Char, and Grayling might be kept to provide your fine dining.

48+ Trout Flies

  • Sculpin patterns. Choose among various Sculpin patterns keeping in mind some overlap exists with leeches: Sculpzilla, Cone head, Rag, Woolhead, Dali Lama, Exasperator, Loop, etc. Choose colors- olive and black and include some with contrasting red, green or purple accents. Size # 4-6-8. Bring 6+ total of two or three proven patterns.
  • Leech patterns. There are outstanding leeches available commercially and infinite variations if you tie. Choose among: Loop, Articulated Bunny, Sleech, Lead Eye, S&B Super string, Intruder, Starlight, etc. Colors: solid purple, olive, black plus some with contrasting colors. Sizes #4-6-8. Bring 6+.
  • Starlight leech. Color white for Lake Trout and Char and as flesh late in July. Consider them.
  • Haymaker Leech size #1 black or blue. Consider them.
  • Conehead Eggabou size #4. Bring 2.
  • Signature Intruder, Moal Rhoid, or Al Green size #8. Bring 4.
  • Dali Lama, Black & White, #6 Bring 2.
  • S&B Super string leech, consider a selection of S&B Super string leeches. Bring 2+.
  • Mice, Choose among Mr. Hanky, Loco, Preparation H Mouse, Moorish Mouse, Blair, Darth Skater. Bring 1 small bottle silicone floatant (not dry silica) for Mice and Caddis. Bring 4.
  • Wooly bugger patterns in Olive, Black, Brown, size #4-6 bring 4.
  • Trout beads. The Salmon spawn begins. 8mm for Chum, natural roe, glow, egg yolk, orange clear. Mottled beads in gold, mango, peachy etc with egg hooks. Bring a kit purchased for the precise species of salmon spawning in your week for your rivers, of the specific Alaskan region you'll visit. Consider sliding beads up the leader ahead of your Sculpin!
  • Glo bugs. Truthfully they no longer belong in your Alaska kit. Beads are much more effective with a fraction of the mortality caused by Glo bugs. Trout all too often inhale Glo Bugs and similar roe deep in the throat before becoming hooked. Then they die.
  • Fry. Smolt patterns are not as important as in June when those baby salmon (true smolt) were out-migrating each evening and holding in deeper water by day. However you will see increasing numbers of salmon, trout, and Grayling fry that rear in the log jams and sloughs feeding on "drift" as the weeks pass. Our tendency is to cast leeches & sculpin into the woody debris and overlook fry patterns, but there are days when if you are not dead drifting a fry pattern you are simply not catching fish! Fry need to be part of your July searching process. Choose the Stinger Clouser, Strung out Thunder Creek, Neil Creek Dart, Neil Creek Slider. They can be fished as dropper, streamer, or dead drifted under an indicator! Green & gold. Bring 4+.
  • Nymphs, Size 12-16 Copper Johns, Bead Head Pheasant Tail, etc. Bring a mixed one half dozen. Fished as dropper behind a leech (where legal) while searching for fish or under an indicator. You probably won't get lots of use of your nymphs. However if you are fishing the few "known" rivers with dependable aquatic insect hatches like the Copper or Agulukpak bring 3 dozen nymphs. Years go by when my nymph box doesn't come out in July unless it's cold and I'm desperate for Grayling.
  • Dries, Royal Wulff, Parachute Adams, Elk Hair Caddis, PMD Parachute, X-Caddis, Stimulator sizes 12-14. Bring a mixed one half dozen in a box shared with nymphs unless you are fishing the few "known" rivers with highly dependable hatches like the Copper or Agulukpak then bring 3 dozen dries. High floating, high visibility. Colors tan, brown, black, olive. As with nymphs in Alaska you may never even take these out of your gear duffle.

Total flies 48.

View the embedded image gallery online at:


My presumption is that King and Sockeye salmon are going to be targeted as well as Rainbow, Grayling, & Char. This list "Over Weights" flies for Kings because in North America there is nothing that even comes close to the power and strength of a King except perhaps a sturgeon. Certainly no fish porpoises across a small cold wilderness river like a Chinook.

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BobWhite Studio Donates to Sportsman's Alliance for AK

25% of All Print Sales Donated


Many of us in the Alaska fishing community are doing whatever we can to help stop the proposed Pebble Mine threatening the Bristol Bay watershed. Fly Out ambassador, Bob White, is no different. BobWhite Studio will donate 25% of print sales to the Sportsman's Alliance for Alaska to help stop the Pebble Mine. 

View the embedded image gallery online at:
As many of you know, the proposed Pebble Mine threatens Alaska's Bristol Bay watershed, a complex system of rivers, lakes, streams and wetlands that supports the most productive wild sockeye salmon fishery in the world.

You can see all of Bob's prints on his website,

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Wine Week 2012 - At Mission Creek Lodge

World-Class Fishing And Wine? . . . Yes Please.

552511 396238863736860_129133057114110_1427512_1036643215_n

Join two of Washington State's best known flyfishing winemakers for a spectacular week of fishing for silvers and rainbows at one of Fly Out's recommended lodges, Mission Creek Lodge on Lake Aleknagik in the famed Bristol Bay region. Chris Figgins and Rob Newson not only have a passion for making fine wines, but also have shared their love of flyfishing together. Each evening you will enjoy gourmet dinners featuring specialty meats and seafoods, including grass fed beef from Lostine Cattle Company, all perfectly paired with Chris & Rob's premier wines. They will each share with you some of the insights and stories behind each vintage.


2012 Wine Week Rate

$7500 per per person plus $1500 per person for wine and special pairing menu. Package includes 7 nights, 6 days of fishing, meals, lodging, all fishing equipment including waders and daily guided fly-outs. Click here to learn more about Mission Lodge.

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