Alaska Travel Tips - Alaska Fly Out
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Book Early 

This is a general rule of thumb for Alaska. Once you have been confirmed for a lodge or adventure trip in Alaska, book flights and pre or post trip hotels as soon as possible. Anchorage and many other towns in Alaska are buzzing with tourists during the summer months. 


The weather in Alaska can change dramatically from day to day. Be prepared to dress in layers. It may be cold on the river in the morning, yet warmer in the afternoon. Plan accordingly. 

Bring the Proper Gear

First, know what gear is included in your lodge or adventure package. Some lodges provide fishing waders and boots. Most lodges provide rods, reels and fishing tackle. In all cases, you will need to bring a list of personal gear that includes base layers, a good fleece or insulating layer, rain jacket, sunglasses, and a warm hat. Please see our general gear list for Alaska. 

Review Your Itinerary

It's very important that you make sure that your flight and travel schedules coordinate appropriately with your lodge trip itinerary. In some cases, you will need to overnight in Anchorage or another major town in Alaska so that you can catch an early morning bush flight to the lodge. All lodges give detailed instructions on when and where to meet their staff to transfer you to the lodge. Please double check and triple check your travel arrangements against the lodge itinerary.