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Alaska Fly Fishing Video | Copper River Lodge

on Friday, 08 January 2016. Posted in Alaska Fly Fishing & Adventure Films, Video

Experience AK's best trout fishing

We had a fantastic opportunity to fish and film at the Copper River Lodge this past August. We really enjoyed the intimate setting with the close knit and friendly guides and staff. A big thank you to Joe Hyde (Lodge Manager) for taking good care of us throughout the week. The trout fishing was exceptional, with the bead/egg drop really hitting it's peak during the week. I can't begin to count how many large Alaska rainbows were caught, but I can say, it was impressive even for AK standards. If you're looking for a small lodge (8 guests per week) whose focus is on world-class trout fishing and first rate service, look no further than the Copper River Lodge. 

Learn more about booking at the Copper River Lodge

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Alaska Summer Solstice - Drone Video

on Tuesday, 05 January 2016. Posted in Alaska Fly Fishing & Adventure Films, Video

From Chrome Magnum Productions

Another aerial video from Chrome Magnum Productions. This video was apparently shot during the summer solstice 1 year ago. You gotta love Alaska and the land of the midnight sun! 

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Alaska Fly Fishing Short - Match the Hatch

on Monday, 04 January 2016. Posted in Alaska Fly Fishing & Adventure Films, Video

At the Copper River Lodge

Every year in Alaska, millions upon millions of sockeye salmon migrate back to their natal rivers to spawn. Often following these salmon are hungry, aggressive, meat eating Alaska Rainbow Trout. When the salmon spawn, these trout stage behind their redds, voraciously eating their eggs. Filmed at the Copper River Lodge. Call or email about booking. 


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Upper Kenai River Canyon Gates - Drone Video

on Monday, 04 January 2016. Posted in Alaska Fly Fishing & Adventure Films, Video

By Chrome Magnum Productions

If you've never floated through this section of the Kenai River, this aerial video is the next best thing. See all our lodges operating on the Kenai River - click here

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Jim Teeny - Legend

on Saturday, 02 January 2016. Posted in Alaska Fly Fishing & Adventure Films, Video

From H&H Outfitter Films

Jim Teeny is a fine example of humility and generosity in the fly fishing industry. If you know Jim Teeny, you know the spirit of a true sportsman. May we all set down our egos, walk forward, evolve, and progress this beautiful sport of fly fishing. 

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Alaska - A Travel Film by Jem Moore

on Wednesday, 16 December 2015. Posted in Alaska Fly Fishing & Adventure Films, Video

This film will make all Alaskans proud

A trip to Alaska can be life changing. This is a glimpse into Jem Moore's 18-day family trip around Alaska. 

From the filmmaker:

18 days in Alaska, seemed like a lot going in, passed by in the blink of an eye...
Filmed with Sony A7s and RX100, Zeiss lenses
Edited in Premiere CC
Music: "Down to the Sea" by Elephant Revival (my new favorite band) available on iTunes and;

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Alaska - Steelhead & Spines Vol. II

on Tuesday, 15 December 2015. Posted in Alaska Fly Fishing & Adventure Films, Video

From the Provo Brothers

The Provo brothers are at it again, with a new installment of Steelhead and Spines. Springtime in Alaska means long days, big lines, and fresh steel. These guys hit the best of it all combining incredible skiing in Alaska's backcountry with fishing the Southeast during the spring run of steelhead. 

From the Filmmakers: 

In the spring of 2015, we began another pursuit for big lines and wild fish. Once again, our direction was north to Alaska, just as it was 3 years ago on our first trip to capture steelhead and spines. Since then, our burning desire to explore around the next bend, to see what's on the other side of the mountain, has grown to an inextinguishable level. We found ourselves back in a corner of southeast Alaska where for a few months of the year, some of the steepest, fluted lines in the world can be ridden, while chromed out steelhead run up and down the coastal rivers. This is the place for us to step outside the bubble of modern society, and into a world of our own making, where skiing and fishing and camping is everything. We returned home with these images, and memories of battling storms and mountains on the glacier and of an island where pure fish swim beneath the old growth hemlocks.

Check out the Volume I below: 

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Healing Power of Alaska's Wild Rivers - Video

on Friday, 11 December 2015. Posted in Alaska Fly Fishing & Adventure Films, Video

Alaska Cross Cultural Exploration Short Documentary by Soul River

The story of a great program, community, and the healing power of the outdoors. 

From the filmmaker: 

"Veterans and inner-city youth share similar troubles. But they also have one important thing in common: the healing power of wild rivers. Getting outdoors onto protected, public lands inspires hope in both groups. It inspires hope in all of us. Let’s conserve our lands and our waters for generations of today and tomorrow." – Chad Brown

August 2015 was a groundbreaking month – not just for Soul River Inc but for the 12 inner-city youth, seven veterans, and four volunteers who bravely embarked on our fist Alaska Expedition to the Kenai Peninsula. From Portland, Oregon to Anchorage, Alaska, we journeyed into Alaska’s wild and rugged Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. The group expected the unexpected as well as the awe inspiring beauty of Alaska as we all came together on wild, scenic rivers while utilizing the art of fly fishing to build incredible outdoor skills and authentic relationships in Mother Nature’s rawest and rugged environment.

If you would like to DONATE TO SRRW 2016 PLEASE CLICK HERE

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Rep Your Water Fly Fishing Video - Alaska Edition

on Wednesday, 09 December 2015. Posted in Alaska Fly Fishing & Adventure Films, Video

A collaboration with Badfish

A cool video montage from RepYourWater and Badfish. Looks like most of the footage was taken on the Kenai. Some cool cuts in this one. 

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Alaska Rainbows on the Kanektok - VIDEO

on Tuesday, 24 November 2015. Posted in Alaska Fly Fishing & Adventure Films, Video

Commando Heads for Alaskan Rainbows from OPST

From the Filmmaker:

OPST (Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics) fished the Kanektok River in July of 2015. It's hard to imagine a better river for micro Skagit and Commando Heads than the Kanektok. With tiny side channels, woody banks, and deep, broad main channels, the river was perfect for showcasing the incredible versatility of Commando Heads. We streamer fished, mouse fished, and nymphed with some of the largest split shot possible for the incredibly gorgeous, and potentially huge, rainbows of this special river. Thanks to Alaska West for providing a great experience for us.

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