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Steelhead in Alaska

on Tuesday, 05 August 2014. Posted in Alaska Fly Fishing & Adventure Films, Video

from Tiziano Pizzi

A GoPro cut from some steelhead fishing on the Situk River in Alaska. Some nice fish in this video. 

From the filmakers: 

Our addiction to steelhead has once again led us to the mighty Situk River in Alaska. The river is home to the largest run of native steelhead left in the world. We hit the road at the end of April, when the peak of the run usually occurs. Conditions in the river were not looking good, with flow dropping as low as 35 CFS before we got there. Unusual mild temperatures and light rain scattered every few days didn't make our life easier. Notwithstanding, good fresh push of spring steelhead were coming in each day down at the lower end. We fished every single inch of the river for 10 consecutive days looking for huge wild steelhead. At the end, we bring home memories of lifetime trophy steelhead.
Warning: fishing the Situk River and its beautiful wild steelhead can be addictive. Enjoy fly fishing responsibly.

Also, see their short video titled "Alaskan Chromers" below. 

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Alaska Steel

on Tuesday, 22 July 2014. Posted in Alaska Fly Fishing & Adventure Films, Video

from Hatch Outdoors

Check out this battle between angler and Alaska steelhead. The duck under the log move is pretty impressive. Great video from Bryan Gregson, Austin Trayser Media, and Hatch Outdoors. 

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Andrea Larko Fish Art - Steelhead Progression

on Friday, 21 February 2014. Posted in Article, Video

The Art of Angling

I've been seeing these really cool fish illustrations pop up on the Fly Out social media feeds for the past year or so from an Andrea Larko. I kept seeing these really unique pieces of digital art, paintings, color pencil, etc. I'm not an artist (in the traditional sense), but her work really struck me. I asked Andrea if we could do a progression series on with a steelhead piece she would be commissioned to do. The video above is the result. 

Find out more about this super talented artist at And, you can purchase Andrea's art at her etsy site

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Alaska Fish Tales - Steelhead

on Monday, 18 November 2013. Posted in Alaska Fly Fishing & Adventure Films, Video

By Lee Kuepper

Another great video shot and edited by Lee Kuepper of Alaska Angling Addiction. I love the tone of this video - reverence for the fish, the environment, and the experience. 

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Low & Clear

on Wednesday, 30 November 2011. Posted in Video

For Some, Life Can Be About Fishing

Featuring John Townes Van Zandt (son of legendary singer-songwriter Townes Van Zandt), Low & Clear is a fishing documentary that looks uniquely introspective on friendship and fishing. Check out Finback Films at
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