Episode 5 - Alaska Fly Out
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Magnetic North - Episode 5

Everybody Loves Outakes! Make sure to watch the first 4 Episodes first. 

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Magnetic North - The Web Series

Magnetic North tells the story of the draw of Alaska, told through the voices of guides and anglers who live and work there. For anyone who has spent time in the Last Frontier, you know that there is an intangible connection to the land, wildlife, water, and culture. Magnetic North focuses beyond the incredible fishing by presenting the human attraction and intrinsic connection to this truly wild place.

The 5-part web series showcases the variety of landscape, fisheries, and adventure in Alaska. Four distinct locations are featured including a float trip in remote Southwest Alaska, a fly out adventure in Bristol Bay, a trip down the Upper Kenai River, and an incredible heli-fish experience in the Tordrillo Mountains. These world-class adventures together embody the spirit of the Alaska experience.

Magnetic North gives a taste of the dream of Alaska and its alluring pull.