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Southeast Alaska

Quick Facts

  • Price

    Starting at $5,150 Per Person

  • Trip Starting Point

    Yakutat, Alaska

  • Lodge Type

    Wilderness Lodge | Ocean Based Lodge

  • Capacity

    12 Guests

  • Location

    Southeast Alaska

Fishing & Guided Activities

Virtually inaccessible to anyone else, Icy Bay Lodge is located 60 miles from the town of Yakutat and any other lodge. This is truly remote and raw Alaska. The only other folks you see all week are other guests from the lodge. Icy Bay is a body of water in Southeast Alaska, formed in the last 100 years by the rapid retreat of the Guyot, Yahtse, and Tyndall Glaciers. It is part of the Wrangell-Saint Elias National Park. The century-long glacial retreat has opened a bay more than 30 miles long thus creating one of the finest fisheries in the world. Nestled in the Saint Elias Mountain Range, the world’s tallest coastal mountain range, Mt. St. Elias climbs an astonishing 18,008 feet out of the ocean creating some of the most spectacular scenery on planet Earth.

Silver Salmon Fishing - Icy Bay Lodge specializes in fly fishing for Silver Salmon on small, remote streams, saltwater flats, and backwater marshes. Icy Bay Lodge has exclusive fishing access to the waters in Icy Bay, and it is rare to have another group of anglers within 50 miles. There are occassions where the lodge uses boats to transport guests from one location to another, but all of our fishing is done while wading. Icy Bay focuses on three unique river systems in the area that produce some of the hottest, most aggressive Silvers you will ever have the opportunity to catch. All of the fishing locations are within a mile of the salt, and you can fish right in front of the lodge everyday for chrome bright fish. 

Saltwater Fishing - Icy Bay Lodge is located in a prime migratory path for Kings and Halibut. Halibut run deep and can be anywhere from 20 to 200 pounds and beyond. Alaska King (Chinook) Salmon are the largest of all Alaska Salmon. Alaska King Salmon are known for their massive weight and powerful fight. The King Salmon caught here can weigh up to 50 pounds and are caught using fly rods, conventional gear or by trolling. If you’re coming to fish the mighty Alaska King Salmon, be prepared to test your skills and fight a long fight. Daily fishing is for King Salmon, Halibut, Lingcod, and Rockfish at prime locations within 25 miles of the lodge (which means they can put you on fish within an hour of leaving the lodge). If keeping fish, they will filet your catch, vacuum seal it, and hard freeze it for you to take home in your cooler(s) or a fish box.

Lodge & Dining Details

The spacious lodge and cabins allow guests to refuel comfortably. Each of the five cabins can sleep up to four people, and they are a good size for families. Rarely will the lodge have more than ten people staying at any given time. The cabins have a full bathroom with hot water, shower, toilet, sink with mirror, and electricity.

The main lodge is where you can kick back and relax with your favorite beverage, while the chef prepares delicious Alaskan cuisine. Inside you'll find satellite TV, telephone, and even a high speed wi-fi connection. The meals are served family style, allowing you to really get to know the friendly staff and guides at Icy Bay Lodge.

Travel Details

How to get there

The only way to get to Icy Bay Lodge is via plane. It requires you to fly into the city of Seattle on any major carrier and then take Alaska Airlines flight 61 into the town of Yakutat. Flight 61 departs Seattle at 7:50 am, and arrives in Yakutat around 11:00AM depending on exact day. Often an overnight is needed with the flight connections in Seattle or Juneau. Icy Bay Lodge has a corporate rate discount available at The Red Lion Hotel which is located at SeaTac airport and is walking distance. AAA discounts also apply.

You could also fly into Anchorage and then to Juneau, switch planes and catch the same flight coming from Seattle in the morning as well. One final option is to fly directly to Juneau, overnight, then catch the flight into Yakutat the next morning. Any of these options get you to Yakutat on the morning flight where we then arrange for air taxi transport for you to the lodge.

Air Taxi from Yakutat to Icy Bay Lodge is not included in the package price. Cost per RT depends on the group or groups coming and going but one can expect the RT fare to be between 350.00 and 450.00 per person. Air Taxi service is available at the Yakutat Airport. Flight services are provided by Yakutat Coastal Airlines (907) 784-3831. We suggest contacting them direct to set up payment and to confirm your flight. We will also make sure that your flight itineraries are forwarded to them.

The final plane ride is about 30 minutes long and you will land either on the beach or a landing strip both a short distance from the lodge. We suggest making your rain jacket, waders and fishing gear easily accessible as often times we go right to the fishing grounds.

Arrivals and departure days are flexible. It is suggested to fly out of Yakutat on flight 66, which will take you back to Seattle. Flight 66 departs Yakutat at 6:28 pm and arrives in Seattle at 11:12pm.

Note: In order to continue an exemplary safety record, the Air Taxi does limit your bag and gear to 50lbs going in and 100 lbs coming out to accommodate for fish boxes. 

Rates & Package Options

  • 6-Day / 7-Night Silver Salmon Package

    $5,500 Per Person

  • 6-Day / 7-Night Saltwater Package

    $5,150 Per Person

What’s Included

• 6-Days Lodging
• 5-Days Guided Fishing
• All Meals & Snacks
• All Fly & Spin Fishing Gear
• Waders & Boots
• Fish Processing & Packing

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What’s Not Included

• Air Taxi Flight to Lodge
• Fishing Licenses & King Stamp
• Staff Gratuities
• Alcohol (BYO)
• Lodging Before & After Trip
• Local Taxes

Rates are based on double occupancy and are subject to change

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