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Winterlake Lodge

Alaska Range Adventure Lodge



Situated near the western edge of the Alaska Range, Winterlake Lodge offers seclusion and spectacular scenery. Views of the Trimble Glacier and the beginnings of the Rainy Pass are visible from the lake. It is is located 198 trail miles northwest of Anchorage, Alaska, along Alaska's historic Iditarod Trail. The lodge sits on 15 acres, overlooking a finger-shaped 2-mile lake where they land by floatplane in the summer and ski plane in the winter.

Winterlake Lodge offers five guest cabins, nestled along a mile-long lake that is home to nesting loons and swans. A main lodge sits near the middle of the property. Kayaks and boats are available to explore the lake.

Winterlake Lodge is open during the winter and is situated by the Finger Lake checkpoint along the Iditarod Trail. Winter adventure packages are available from January 20 to April 30.


Behind the lodge, Wolverine Mountain offers intriguing hiking, helicopter-assisted trekking, and wildlife viewing. There are many species of Alaska birds, wildflowers and berries that are difficult to see in other locales.

Winterlake Lodge is also the starting point for neighboring adventures; float the Happy River, fish the Canyon Creek area, or explore the Upper Skwentna River and scenic Red Creek. The lodge also offers a wellness program featuring complimentary massage and yoga classes, daily cooking classes, cheese tastings, and more.

Fishing Program

At Winterlake Lodge, they utilize the Robinson R-44 helicopter to access endless surrounding streams and lakes. Sometimes they float-fish for the day down a favorite river. A field-experienced guide always accompanies you and they offer quality equipment for guest use.

They also offer instruction in fly-fishing and fly-tying if you are new to the sport. Rainbow trout, Dolly Varden and Grayling all require clear, cold and highly oxygenated water to thrive. This they find in Alaska in abundance, especially around Winterlake Lodge.

These clear waters are also spawning destinations for all five species of Pacific salmon. Clear water allows you to observe schools of salmon at times as they return to their natal Alaska streams after years of swimming in the North Pacific. Bears, eagles, and humans are all interested in the salmon return!

Accommodations & Dining

The main lodge, where guests socialize and take meals, sits near the middle of the property. There is a comfortable main room for relaxing by the fire and viewing the lake from the large picture windows, a dining area and large kitchen for the preparation of their award-winning Alaskan regional cuisine.

In addition, the main lodge has a spacious bar where we offer wine tastings and evening appetizers, a wellness room where the wellness instructor offers daily yoga, meditation and stretching classes, a hot tub on the deck with a view of the Tordrillo Mountains in the summer and northern lights in winter, as well as a game area with Ping-Pong and darts.

Winterlake Lodge offers 5 distincly different, private cabins. With each having amazing views of the surrounding environment it is hard to go wrong. Choose from the Trapper, Red Lake Trail, Iditarod, Mountain Pass,or Happy River Cabins.

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