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3 Tips To Hooking More Silver Salmon On Your Next Trip To Alaska

Once you understand how Silver Salmon operate, you will be on your way to an action packed adventure.

Alaska Silver Salmon

Each year Silver Salmon make incredible journeys that take them from their saltwater feeding grounds, all the way up the shallow spawning areas. As you can imagine, this journey requires an incredible amount of strength and stamina. Consequently, silver salmon are an incredibly fast, hard fighting, and aggressive gamefish. These traits make them some of the best quarry for anglers to chase when in Alaska.

Here are 3 tips that can help you in your pursuit of these anadromous freight trains during your next trip.


Silvers can be picky at times, but often, they favor bright colored flies and lures. Add in some move good movement or vibration to your offering, and you have a silver salmon catching machine.


Unlike the King salmon, silvers will generally take the path of least resistance when traveling upriver. This means that the slow water of inside bends, water behind log jams, and stagnant back water sloughs are perfect places to find aggressive silvers.


While the silvers are usually pretty aggressive, they can easily lose interest in your offering. Once a fish starts to chase your fly, keep it moving. In fact, many times it is better to retrieve your offering even faster during the chase. Silvers have a tendency to stop and lose interest when your fly becomes still.

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