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Choosing an Alaskan Adventure


1. Book Early – The best lodges in Alaska have incredibly high return rates. Usually, guests have the first right of refusal for returning the same time next year, which means there can be few openings for new anglers. Your best chance to get a high-demand date is to book 6-12 months in advance. Send an Email to Fly Out for available dates and booking information. You can also contact lodges directly through the Fly Out Directory

2. Choosing a Type of Operation to Fit Your Goals – There are many types of adventure offerings in Alaska that can fit almost any budget. Below is a general summary of your options.

Fly Out Lodge ($$$) – The most exclusive way to see and fish Alaska. These operations fly to different remote rivers, lakes and streams everyday. A fly-out option allows you to experience the wonderful variety of Alaska. The views from the air and the flight experience alone are worth the price of admission. Extraordinary accommodations and dining will make you forget that you are amidst the remote wilderness of Alaska.

River Lodge ($$) – Located on the rivers and streams, these lodges are only accessible by the air. They provide world-class fishing, comfortable accommodations, and delicious meals at a great value. These lodges operate jet boats, and the anglers get the opportunity to experience everything that a single fishery has to offer.

Float Trips ($) – A classic Alaska adventure focusing on a genuine wilderness experience, self-reliance, and incredible fishing. Despite the roughing-it nature of a float trip, most outfitters provide accommodations that are surprisingly comfortable, and the food always tastes good after a long day on the river.{gallery}BlogContent/January2011/Lodge_Gallery{/gallery}

3. Look for Discounts and Cancellation Prices – Often times, lodges have discounted weeks that are traditionally difficult to book. These weeks can be a steal if you act on them while they are available. And, you don't sacrifice much in your Alaska experience or world-class fishing. In addition, lodges will offer up to a 50% off rate as a result of a list minute cancellation. Check out our Specials Page for the most up to date discounts and cancellation rates.

4. Find Reviews – User reviews are an excellent way to get genuine information on a particular lodge or operation. It is the new generation's version of "word of mouth". Popular review sites that are linked through our directory are Trip Advisor and Yelp. Lodge and adventure reviews are coming soon to

5. Consult an Alaska Expert – There are many guides, veteran anglers, and travel professionals that have first hand knowledge of Alaska adventure and specific lodges. These folks have valuable 3rd-party information to help you plan your first trip to the Last Frontier. Use an expert to help you cut through the clutter and marketing fodder that you see on lodge owner websites. The best thing is, that advice is free to you! You can Contact Fly Out for advice on planning a trip to Alaska. We're happy to provide good information.