7 Day National Park Trip - Alaska Fly Out
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Visit Katmai, Lake Clark & Denali

8 Days, 3 Parks, 2 Lodges

Visit Alaska’s most iconic National Parks, all within a short floatplane flight from Anchorage. It's your multi-destination dream trip with custom itineraries and coordinated flight plans.

The trip is an all inclusive experience with luxury accommodations. Go bear viewing in Katmai, fishing in Lake Clark, and fly over Mount Denali. It's the perfect trip for mom or dad, and with over 18 adventure activites to choose from, you can ensure that the entire family will be able to set their own pace. 

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    Trip Itinerary 

  • Anchorage to Denali  
  • 3-4 days at Chelatna Lake Lodge
  • Denali to Anchorage 
  • Anchorage to Lake Clark 
  • 3-4 day at Lake Clark Lodge
  • Day trips to Katmai
  • Lake Clark Lodge to Anchorage 
Chelatna Lake Lodge

8 Night National Park Trip

  • Denali National Park

    Chelatna Lake Lodge is located at the foot of Denali National Park. They are uniquely situated to offer their guests the Denali experience while avoiding the crowds at the park's entrance on the road system. Activies here include fishing, hiking, kayaking, packrafting, flight seeing, helicopter tours and beyond. 

  • Lake Clark & Katmai National Parks

    Lake Clark Lodge is located inside Lake Clark National Preserve and is a short flight away from Katmai National Park. The lodge has specifically designed a program to offer national park tours to their guests. Activities include bear viewing, fishing, hiking, packrafting, kayaking, sup, and much more. 

Lake Clark Lodge Alaska
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