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Refuge - Short Film

on Thursday, 03 November 2016. Posted in Alaska Fly Fishing & Adventure Films, Video

Presented by Alpacka Raft

This past June, we had planned to do a packraft adventure film in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge with a couple friends from Whitefish, Montana. We were not sure what to expect, but like always, we wanted to make a film that was true to our experience.

Looking back, the Arctic sort of wrote the story all on its own. The exotic nature of 24-hour sun, no trees, swaths of ice, and a seemingly endless and ageless mountain landscape captured us for a full 2 weeks. It really seemed like we were on a different planet – eating when we were hungry, sleeping when we were tired, and playing at all hours of the day without any regard for the time. Most importantly, we were far, far away from the chaos of humanity that had been exacerbated by a crazy election year. It felt good to be on a different planet where talks of Hillary and Trump weren’t rattling our brains. Celebrities and cell phones had no grip on our reality. This planet was a sanctuary from all that. Our minds could go quiet, and our eyes were suddenly open to the most astonishing wild beauty that we have left. The dull sadness about life faded, and everything was bright again.

You don’t have to go to the Arctic to find refuge. Thankfully, we have wild and beautiful places in our backyard – and they belong to us as Americans through our public lands. Enjoy the film – comment, share, and remember that life is still beautiful. 

- Cory Luoma

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People are Awesome - Alaska

on Monday, 30 September 2013. Posted in Alaska Fly Fishing & Adventure Films, Video

From JGS Concepts

Here is a complilation from video content entered in the 2012 Alaska Adventure film festival held in Anchorage, Alaska. From pack rafting to bush flying to snow machines to surfing, this video shows the spirit of AK adventure. Alaska is Awesome! 

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Magnetic North - Episode 3

on Monday, 01 April 2013. Posted in Alaska Fly Fishing & Adventure Films, Video

Feels Like Home

Filmed with Bristol Bay's Mission Lodge, Episode 3 showcases 3 guides working and playing in the Alaska bush. Justin, Zach, and Dan describe their connection to their job, the waters, and the incredible fish that they chase every season. Most folks who have worked or lived in AK can relate to their stories. Just like home, there always is "a draw that keeps bringing you back to this place". Episode 3 also features some incredible aerial landscape scenery, thanks to the pilots and crew at Mission Lodge.

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