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Bristol Bay, Alaska Float Trips


Brightwater Alaska specializes in fly-fishing float trips. Access to the rivers is by float plane from various southwestern Alaska towns, primarily Dillingham and Iliamna. The guide to client ratio is one guide and 2 clients per raft. The rivers they float have been selected for their wilderness values, as well as, their world class fishing. Party size is limited to 4 clients on public trips and to 6 clients on private party trips. Most fishing is done while wading, with additional fishing being done from the rafts while floating. Camp is set each evening on the river and meals are prepared fresh daily.

Chuck Ash, owner and operator since 1975, guides every trip in order to maintain the highest standards of service. He has a background in biology and ecology, plus a life time of fly-fishing and guiding under his belt. In February of 2000, he was inducted into the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame as a Legendary Guide, and is actively involoved with Trout Unlimited and The Federation of Fly Fishers.

Fishing Program

Alaska fishing changes throughout the season. The five species of Alaskan salmon run at various times throughout the summer, and the resident trout, char and grayling move throughout the river systems and change their feeding patterns depending on which salmon are present and what they are doing.

Goodnews River
There are five different trips offered on the Goodnews that span the spectrum of Alaska’s best summer fishing. It all starts with the first of the seasonal salmon runs, then it shifts to the fantastic, frenetic fishing for resident fish once these salmon start to spawn, and finally finishes with the silver salmon run and fishing for the last of the seasons' resident species. Five separate trips and six different experiences centered around large, wild fish. All set in the vast wilderness and stunning scenery of backcountry Alaska.

Koktuli River
The timing of this trip is schedule to coincide with the arrival of the of the chum, king and sockeye salmon and the onset of their annual spawning activity. This activity injects abundant salmon roe into the ecosystem and results in the single greatest “hatch” of the season. It draws trout, dolly varden and grayling from the larger waters into these tributaries and produces phenomenal fishing.
By the time the trip begins, the salmon will have arrived throughout the drainage with more coming in daily, and the resident fish will be right there with them aggressively feeding on the first of the eggs from the early spawners.

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